Fernando Perez teaches flute lessons in the Treasure Valley area:

Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Star, Nampa, Caldwell, & Kuna

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I’m Fernando Perez. I'm a professional flute player and instructor in Boise, Idaho. I play Principal Flute with the Boise Baroque, have taught at music camps like Boise State Music Chamber Camp, received national recognition performing with America's prestigious honor groups.

However, I don't just only play flute. I love playing on my Nintendo Switch, dancing to traditional latino bailes, and exploring the world when I can. I have my Bachelor’s degree in Music and am currently studying Accounting as well.

Soo.. Why do I teach?

When people ask me about my favorite part of the week, I immediately say, "Teaching flute lessons."

The main reason I teach lessons is to help students unlock doors to friendships, opportunities, and scholarships. When I was part of NYO-USA, a prestigious high school honor group in the US, I noticed that over half of the students went on to Ivy League schools, incorporated their musical characteristics into their studies and cherished their musical experiences growing up.

I know that 95% of my students won't study music in college, but I promise that learning music will cultivate their perseverance, grit, and patience. I understand that each student has their own unique interests, both musically and non-musically.

1. Contact me to set up a lesson (Only for K-12th Graders)

2. Choose lesson rate: $30/hour or $25/45min

3. Start fun weekly flute lessons!

How easy is it to get started with a private lesson?

What is covered in a lesson?

Student Opportunities

Fundamental Exercises

These fundamentals are crucial for mastering scales, producing a golden sound, performing leaps, maintaining proper hand position, and executing double tonguing. These lessons ensure you have a strong foundation to excel in your flute journey.

Method Book

This book contains many short excerpts that require practice from students before coming to lessons. Students develop the tools needed to become their own teacher and conquer the challenges ahead of them.


Discover a repertoire tailored to your skill level and musical interests. These sessions focus on interpretation, expression, and performance techniques specific to solo flute works.

Free Boise Baroque Orchestra Concerts

Attend my orchestra concerts in the Summer.

6th-8th grade Honor band (Adutitioned)

Auditioned group from November - August

BSU Honor Flute Choir (Auditioned)

Junior High - High School. Fall time

All State Band/Orchestra (Auditioned)

Takes Idaho's talented 9th-12th grade students.

Audition: October | Performance: February

All-Northwest Band/Orchestra

Takes most talented 9th-12th grade students from Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Montana, Wyoming

West Ada Middle School Honor Band

February to May | 6th-8th graders

Woodwind Day @ Boise State University

Masterclasses, student classes and concerts. 6th-12th grade | January

All-Star Band (Selected students from each HS)

A combined band for all 9-12th students in the Treasure Valley students | February

Solo & Ensemble

Top four performing flute students go to state

9th-12th Graders

State Solo & Ensemble

State competition all 12 top performing students in Idaho

Boise Phil Youth Orchestra (Auditioned)

9th-12th grade of Treasure Valley students

Throughout school year

Boise State Summer Music Chamber Camp

Held in the 2nd week of June

Music Theory classes, flute classes, choir, orchestra, and private lessons.

6th-12th graders.

Elevating Flutistry

Held in the first week of June

Music Theory classes, flute classes, WAHOOZ, flute choir, and private lessons.

7th-12th grade.

Music Camps for Flutes

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach online?

No, I do not. My responsibility is to make sure the student is getting all the potential they have to become successful. I have noticed that online lessons don't take that route.

May I listen to the lesson?

Due to the layout of my home, only students are allowed to remain in the studio. Parents may enter inside if we need to have a conversation.

Do you travel for lessons?

Due to my busy schedule, I do not. I only travel for students who live a mile away from me.

Is my child too young to start flute?

Never! There are curved headjoints that allow the students to reach for the keys easier.

Do you teach to adult students?

I regret that I don't. I specialize in K-12th grade. If you need any recommendations for adult flute teachers, I can help.

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